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Hello I'm Tara.

 I am 28 years old and live in the beautiful Shropshire Countryside with my little wild family. I have an adventurous heart and a creative mind.  I adore the great outdoors, the changing seasons and cups of tea.

I have studied Fine Art, Portraiture and Photography. I spent my childhood covered in paint, clay and mud.  I have always had a fascination for people which is shown through my other job; nursing. I started observing people from a young age having traveled the world extensively from the age of 7. I would borrow my Mum's camera and pretend to be like reportage photographer Steve Mccurry. I love to photograph those perfect moments of magic love and belly laughs. Those pops of colour or serene silences, I get drawn in my wrinkled hands and delicate touches.  My approach is simple, I want to capture people being themselves, having fun and making memories. 

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My approach to photography is to capture people being themselves at their most relaxed and happiest. I capture big bold belly laughs and tiny touching details, intimate storytelling moments.  Making memories and enjoying your session is as important as the finished photos. 

I am led by emotion, intimacy and my main focus are people.  I use natural light and emotion to give my photos soul. No fancy editing filters or airbrushing here. Just laughter, love and light. I have a timeless, warm vintage style which give my photos an atmospheric story telling aspect. 

I find my inspiration in vintage film, old black and white images, botanical prints, nature, moss, ferns and changing  seasons. 

I can mostly be found in the woods wearing yellow and drinking tea. 

Love Tara 

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