Hi I am Tara

 I am 31 years old and live in the beautiful Shropshire and Cheshire Countryside with my little wild family. I have an adventurous heart and a creative mind. I adore the great outdoors, the changing seasons and cups of tea.

I have studied Fine Art, Portraiture and Photography. I spent my childhood covered in paint, clay and mud. I have always had a fascination for people which is shown through my other job; nursing. I started observing people from a young age having traveled the world extensively from the age of 7. I would borrow my Mum's camera and pretend to be like reportage photographer Steve Mccurry. I love to photograph those perfect moments of magic love and belly laughs. Those pops of colour or serene silences, I get drawn in by wrinkled hands and delicate touches. My approach is simple, I want to capture people being themselves, having fun and making memories. 

Tara is so lighthearted and warm but so professional at the same time. She makes anyone feel comfortable in front of the camera and is extremely talented at getting the perfect shot!


My focus is to be a story teller so I will aim to naturally document your Wedding in a relaxed way so we get lots of candid giggles, laughs and hugs. 

I want to create imagery that evokes emotions, captures your soul and reminds you of the good times, the belly laughs the magic love, the smell's and colors of your wedding.

See me as one of your guests, I get stuck in help out, and try put you both at ease on the day. Although I photograph many Weddings I walk into each one with fresh air and try and give you images that are personal. 

I work in a documentary style with minimal posing I might give you prompts or try and make you laugh otherwise I'm there to capture your love for each other. 

I have a fine art background so edit all of your images in a signature vintage style this gives your images an emotive feel and creates timeless imagery to be treasured forever. 

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