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Am I the photographer for you?Talking about my brand values and how I work.


Today I am going to be talking about my brand, my values and what my photography style is all about.

So firstly what are my personal brand values.

  • Soul

  • Emotion

  • Nourishment

  • Equality

  • Inspiration

  • Acceptance

  • Empowerment

  • Connection

Here I am above smiling away with my camera photo credit Florence Fox Photography

"Photography isn't just about having a photo, it's about telling a story, connecting you to a moment in time, it should have the ability evoke emotion and take you back to slice of time".

How do I work?

Congratulations you've booked a photo shoot with what?

We work together to find a beautiful location for your photo shoot (unless it's a wedding and then hopefully you have a fabulous venue in mind) it can be your home, garden or memorable place. I mainly shoot outside in nature so If you have a favorite place to walk I'm always up for adventure. I have a keen eye for incorporating the surrounding landscape into my imagery so will always be thinking about how to get in wild flowers and trees to add texture and pops of color.

My my focus is to be a story teller so I will aim to naturally document the session in a relaxed way so we get lots of candid giggles, laughs and hugs. Of course if your a bit nervous and haven't had a photo shoot before I can give you some funny prompts and games to help bring out those belly laughs. I try and encourage you to explore and go wild and then come back in together to get some emotional intimate shots.

I notice lots of things whilst I'm watching you behind the camera, delicate hand touches and nervous glances. I capture it all. See me like the fly on your wall, your story teller, as one of your friends or part of the family. I'l try to fit in where I can to get the best photo's possible. I get stuck in (I've been known to jump in many a river to get that perfect playful shot). I've been there for nervous brides and chased many cheeky children.

I want to create imagery that evokes emotions, captures your soul and reminds you of the good times, the belly laughs the magic love, the smell and colors of your wedding.

What I don't do.

  • Posed staged studio work

  • Over editing for example adding in sun beams or butterflies

  • Change the way you look, sorry I won't be airbrushing or slimming you down. This is because I am firm believer in natural beauty. I want my imagery to capture you for you. I want my imagery to help you feel empowered and accepted by yourself.

  • Discriminate anyone based on culture, religion or sexuality. I photograph everyone and I'm always keen to photograph something new.

So if you want beautiful, emotional, vibrant imagery to tell your story. Get in touch.
Lots of Love Tara

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