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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

  • Location- Choosing a location that is not only visually interesting but is both practical and important to you as a family is crucial to my work. As a huge nature lover it is very important to me and my clients to incorporate foliage, flowers and pops of colour into the imagery. This sets the scene and provides points of interest in the photo . The seasons and the flora that grow at set times of year give your memories a recall point. "Remember that beautiful Autumn photo-shoot we had with Tara the colours were beautiful.. so many oranges and yellows". I do weekly location scouting with my own family to ensure pathways are accessible to children and families making it as safe as possible. If you have a special spot in mind that you often go to as a family I am always up for an adventure.

  • Being yourself- There is often a misconception that a good photo is when all the kids are well dressed, well behaved and looking at the camera. This is not the case... it's important to capture families in a natural way. Photography should be authentic and soulful. Children are fascinating, with their big imaginations and wild hearts. Why make them be anything else? My photo shoots allow you to be you. No pressure, no stress. I always try and get some Grandparent friendly images in their but otherwise I let you be you. In fact I openly encourage you to be cheeky and giggle. Providing prompts such as 'tickle each other' or 'blow some belly raspberries'.

  • Light and time of day - photography means to play with light.

It's very important that you have enough light during a photo shoot otherwise me and the camera have to work very hard to make things looks good.

  • Composition - Photography isn't just about getting the camera to work which believe me is much more difficult than it seems. It's not all about point and shoot. It's about the angles and framing the photo. Where will you stand? Where is your subject going to move to. The above photo for example of Henry and his Mum during a tickle session. This scene played out in front of me very quickly. It wasn't set up it happened naturally and fast. I stood slightly elevated on my tip toes and framed Henry's lovely giggling face with the silhouette of his Mum coming in for a tickle. Making sure I kept some of the textured corn around him and in the foreground.

  • Capturing discreet quiet moments as well as the belly laughs- As a photographer you are also a story teller you have to captures things as they unfold in front of you otherwise moments are missed. Every moment can be a special one. It's the quieter moments before or after a photo shoot that the magic really happens. A good reason why as photographers we should never put our cameras down. I absolutely adore this photo of Mia and little Forest.

This photograph was taken during a chilled moment post feed by a river and its one of my favorites. A simple kiss on the head a touch of Mum's hair send Forest into a blissful slumber. Simply Magical!

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