Emotive and soulful imagery for magic lo

My focus is to be a story teller so I will aim to naturally document your Wedding in a relaxed way so we get lots of candid giggles, laughs and hugs. 


I want to create imagery that evokes emotions, captures your soul and reminds you of the good times, the belly laughs the magic love, the smell's and colors of your wedding.

See me as one of your guests, I get stuck in help out, and try put you both at ease on the day. Although I photograph many Weddings I walk into each one with fresh air and try and give you images that are personal. 

I work in a documentary style with minimal posing I might give you prompts or try and make you laugh otherwise I'm there to capture your love for each other. 

I have a fine art background so edit all of your images in a signature vintage style this gives your images an emotive feel and creates timeless imagery to be treasured forever. 




My brand values; Emotion, nourishment, nature, inclusivity, equality, acceptance and empowerment. 

You won't find me doing any crazy photoshopping, or faddy edits. My style in candid and natural. Your more likely find me in the woods in my welly's than at my computer editing out Great Uncle Erics 3 chins. As a storytelling photographer, I capture your day and your loved ones as they are; real, raw and emotive. 

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Sealed with Love


You've done your research and I am the girl for you. You make an enquiry via email and see if I am free on your magic day, 

Pencil and notepad

We proceed with your booking. Here I send you a form so I can find out more about you and your big day and I send out a contract for you to sign. You send over a deposit to secure your date. 


House Sketch

We Meet up for an Engagement Shoot walks in the Countryside are always best. This keeps you relaxed and means we can get lots of hints of colour and foliage into the images, 

Meet up

Wedding Day

I check in a few days before the big day to make sure your ok and then it's the big day. You need sit back enjoy it and get Married. 



Whilst you whisk off on your Honeymoon I back up your images and start editing them in my unique vintage style. I send a sneak peek a few days post Wedding so you can enjoy seeing some of them even from your honeymmon. 


Gallery Delivery 

6-8 weeks post Wedding you get your images,

A full online gallery to share

A wooden Memory box, wooden memory card and some prints.

Get Sharing!

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It's not all about Weddings. I photograph families too. 
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